• Healthy Food
    We Won't Feed Your Kids Donuts
    We honor Unity's commitment to health and healing by serving nutritious, plant-based food at all its congregational events—particularly social hour after services and all gatherings of children and youth.
  • Healthy Planet
    We Envision a Healthy Planet
    We recognize that our global environment is an expression of God's creation and encourages its members to adopt plant-based living as a most effective means of caring for our planet.
  • Compassion
    We Teach Compassion Toward All Sentient Beings
    We pursue peace in our world, our community and our families by teaching that no sentient beings should suffer for profit or pleasure.

How To Become a Member

Email us to say you would like to become a member or fill out the form below and click "I wish to become a member." We will send you a UnityVeg tent-card and other promotional material. Then you provide a nutritious, vegetarian/vegan refreshment one Sunday in your church with the UnityVeg tent-card along side the dish. You take a picture of the dish and send it to us.

What We Will Send You

UnityVeg table tent (table photo by Nathan Dumlao)

Here is what is in the Starter Kit. Place this tent-card next to the refreshments you provide. We will also send you a stack of these small cards so that your congregants have something to take with them.

What Members Do

UnityVeg members provide vegetarian/vegan refreshments in their Unity church and take that moment as an opportunity to help raise awareness about how plant-based eating leads to better health, a more sustainable environment and a world of compassion and peace.

UnityVeg is an association of members and ministries who work at the congregational level to promote plant-based eating and compassionate living toward all living creatures as taught by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore. We support our members and ministries with printed materials, print and online publicity, organizational and networking support and gratitude to those who provide nutritious refreshments for our children, our visitors and our congregants.

Our goal is for a substantial number of Unity ministries to declare and publicize themselves as a "UnityVeg Church" thereby attracting those who want a church that is committed to health, the environment and compassionate living.